DividedByZero (dividedbyzero) wrote in live_n_let_live,

A thought to ponder...

A post in a friend's journal containing the words "activist judges" prompted my normal response:

An activist judge is apparently one that doesn't make judgements based on the political agenda and rather considers law, test cases, statute, and facts.

Both sides, depending on who is in power, use this flawed and highly charged terminology...though the Repubs have taken it to whole new heights.

Judges have to exist outside the political whim of the presiding administration. Period. It kills me that these lawmakers act like the judges should do their bidding. Someone needs to remind them of how "checks and balances" works. :)

What does this term mean to you ? And more so, why has it come into such use lately ? And even more, why do the more people not take offense at it ?
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