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Live & Let Live

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Live and Let Live
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This community is for people who might come from diverse backgrounds with differing opinions but are committing to advocating policies that allow for fairness to all people. That includes upholding the idea that all people are created equally with the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and protecting the civil rights of all people. Members of this community also promote honesty and integrity in the media and in the science community and we hold them accountable for their work.

I am sick of the way the media sensationalizes partisan or cultural differences and feeds us all talking points for our sides. It is very divisive and does not support finding common ground. I think the reason is that our leaders are in the business of accumulating power, and a united electorate does not help them to that end.

Let's use this community to bring all sides of the debate together to find our common ground. Then let's all act together to make a difference in this country.

Here is an example of something I will delete. This comment was in response to a post with a news article about a Senior White House official leaking that Valerie Plame Wilson was a covert CIA agent. Whatever you think about the incident, whoever leaked that information committed a crime. That it is a crime is a cut and dry, black and white issue.

Oh NOS! A desk jockey will get hassled by foreign gov'ts when she travels!

Plame tried to use her job for her husbands gain and that caused her cover to get blown. Besides she never took her cover serious anyway.

Why Would This Get Deleted?
1) It's mean-spirited
2) It justifies crime, which was *not* the point up for debate
3) It's a cheap shot