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Conservative's "Ten Word Philosophy" Explained

The overall Republican strategy is less about how to improve the country and more about how to finance itself and win elections. In a nutshell, they pander to two groups (their bases) - big business/the filthy rich and the religious right. They allow businesses to walk all over your average Joe (and in turn businesses donate a LOT of money). Then they tell the religious right that they are against gays, against abortion, etc, but... they don't really deliver on this as much. They just sort of string the religious right along and throw them a few bones here and there.

Strong Defense - This tenet of Neo-Conservatism is a two-prong winner. On one hand, by starting wars and ignoring the opinions of other countries, the average American may think of Republicans as resolute and decisive and willing to defend them. On the other hand, the government can give billions of dollars to its friends (such as Dick Cheney's company Halliburton) in government contracts.

Free Market - Surveys show that people respond better to "free market" than an equal word "globalization." Basically, "free market" means that the government is pro-business and allows businesses to do whatever they want. Democrats want businesses to do well too - after all, commerce is needed for a strong economy and a rich nation - but Dems do not want to give businesses the right to completely screw over the common man.

Lower Taxes - I think here all people will agree that some amount of taxes is necessary so we can pay our leaders, pave our roads, and put policemen on the streets to keep us safe. However, there is a happy medium. Tax people too much and you become wasteful and hurt the economy because people are too poor to buy things. Tax people too little and you can't afford good defense, education, etc. What the Republicans really mean when they say this is lower taxes for rich people. Everyone else can starve to death, thank you very much.

Many people are self-described "fiscal conservatives" - meaning they think the US should be responsible with its money, but if you look at the past 25 years, we've had 3 Republicans and 1 Democrat. The Republicans all spent the country into huge deficits and hurt the economy. The Democrat balanced the budget and helped the economy. If you are a "fiscal conservative" you should be voting Democrat!

Smaller Government - Another funny one, because the Republicans claim to be the party of small government, but Bush has made the government HUGE. On the other hand, Clinton asked Vice President Gore to streamline the government and make it more efficient, and he did it. In recent years, Dems are the party of smaller government.

Also, in terms of not just people employed in the government bureaucracy but also individual freedoms that are not regulated by the government unless necessary, the Clinton administration was MUCH better than the Bush administration (PATRIOT Act anyone?).

Family Values - Hate gays.

Question 2: Why do Republicans hate liberals so much??

Liberals argue using FACTS. This is inconvenient to the Republicans, who want us to ignore the facts. The facts aren't very complimentary to the Republicans. For instance, it's a fact that global warming is happening and it's going to be a huge crisis and we are not doing enough to stop it. However, it's also a fact that if we were going to really make a good effort to prevent global warming, the oil companies and auto manufacturers would have to clean up their acts. They do not want to make changes towards cleaning up the environment, so they pay the Republicans a lot of money. In return, the Republicans deny that global warming exists and lets all the companies keep polluting. You can see an example of this in the Luntz memo.
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Liberals argue using FACTS.

I don't think politicians argue using facts. Most of them select and
manipulate facts just to get people to believe them.

Read the Luntz memo. Republicans exist to obscure science.

Anyhow - this post is in response to one in gopchristians so go check that out if you want the background.